dance like noone's watching

Hello and welcome to the first post at What about Dance.  I’ve a long list of posts to write in future, but I wanted to start with a brief hello.

Hopefully you’ll have been over to the About me page.  If not, check it out then come back.  I’ll wait.

I wanted to add some dance posts to my existing blog, but decided that it was too niche and that it needed a separate blog. Hence What about Dance was born.

dance like noone's watching

What about dance – the facts

What’s it about?

What about Dance is about anything and everything dance.  It’s main focus is modern jive (aka ceroc) because that’s largely what I dance.  But other social dances and partner dance articles will kick in.  That’s the joy of a blog, you can choose what you write about.

Why’s there so much to say about dance?

Dance happens in every culture in some way or another. So many people enjoy dance, whether watching or doing it, and those who love it enjoy talking and reading about it too.  If you have a question about an aspect of dance, then do drop me a note in the comments or on social media and I’ll see if it’ll make a post.

Why modern jive over other dance genres?

I love modern jive / ceroc. It’s brilliant for every age and dance ability, and amalgamates different dance styles. It also doesn’t require much in the way of technique to be able to dance it, and as a follower with some experience, not much brain power, so it’s perfect for me, even with lots of other things swirling around my mind.

Unless you’re involved in modern jive, not many people know about it, so it makes sense to blog about what I enjoy and want others to enjoy.

How come you think you can write it?

I always think write about what you enjoy and what you’re passionate about.  Most of the blog will be my thoughts, or questions that crop up in my mind while dancing, so I’d say I’m qualified to talk about those.  I’ve danced for half of my life regularly, and experienced around 20 different dance styles over the years, from taster sessions to ongoing study.

For anything I don’t know, google will be my friend, plus a large group of dancing friends with a variety of experience.

What if I have something to add to the discussion?

I’d love to make this blog more of a community and I welcome your comments – I aim to reply to all of them left on the blog.  I’m also on social media so you can follow me and chat via the icons in the sidebar.

I want to write for What about dance, how do I do it?

I’m happy to hear from readers who would like to submit a post or have suggestions for articles.  I’ll also be running a series featuring dancers, so you can find out more and submit your ideas. or contact me via the What about Dance email.

If you’re a dancer do let me know what dance styles you do in the comments below.  And I hope you enjoy reading.

Let me know what you think