If you’ve just moved up to a modern jive improvers class, or have been dancing a while but feel stuck in a rut, then you’re in the right place. Hopefully What about Dance has the tips and information to help answer questions you have, and help your dancing improve.

What about dance includes posts about:

  • technique
  • following and leading
  • musicality and more.
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Improvers to intermediates

The aim here is to help improve the ability and confidence of social dancers who want to progress.

It’s also about encouraging improvement and growth in the modern jive community, and being a decent dance partner.

Because if we all improve our dancing and promote a welcoming, encouraging dance community, we’ll all benefit in the long term – venues and dancers alike.

The move from beginners can seem like a big step, but take it at your own pace, listen and learn in lessons, and practice.

But above all, enjoy your dance journey.

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As a start point, check out some of the modern jive improvers articles below by clicking on the image.

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