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If you’ve got a post proposal for What about Dance, then you’ve come to the right place.

I want to write a post for What About Dance

I want What about Dance to become more than just me writing about dance. So I’m looking for occasional contributors.

Please submit your post idea via the contact form. I’ll then contact you to discuss the post, edits and visuals.  Post submissions should be unique and not duplicated elsewhere.  If I use your post, full credit will be given including a link (if applicable) to your blog and social media.  Submitted and published posts will also be shared across my social media.

If you’re writing for a company, please head over to Work with me.

I want to be featured dancer of the month

If you’d like to be on the blog as a featured dancer of the month, then please contact me by email answering the following questions and providing a photo:

  • Name and email
  • Why did you start dancing
  • How long have you danced
  • What dance style do you do
  • Why did you try ceroc/modern jive and what’s the best/worst thing about it
  • What do you love most about dance
  • Worst thing about dance
  • What’s been your best dance experience
  • What are your top tips about dance
  • Who’s your dance inspiration
  • Where next on your dance journey
  • Social media/blog or how can we follow you

I want What about Dance to write about…

If you have a post idea but don’t want to write it yourself, then do let me know by email, social media or the comments and I’ll see if it’s a post I can write.

If you submit a post to me I will always read your ideas and reply.  I can’t guarantee that all posts will be used, but I thank you in advance for any submissions and hope that What about Dance will become a community for its readers.