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Hi, I’m Emma and here’s a little about me and What about Dance.

I’ve loved dance since the age of 4 when, like so many other little girls, I started ballet lessons. From ballet through (a pretty poor attempt at) modern dance, then a hiatus from formal training during 6th form and university.  I rediscovered dance when I found a local salsa class and got hooked again as an adult.  I moved on to ceroc / modern jive with a few random and brief forays into other dance styles trying out ballroom, latin, street dance and west coast swing.

After stopping dancing at 8 months pregnant, it’s taken 6 years to get back to dance. Now I’m dancing regularly again and I’m loving it more than ever.

I’ve blogged for over 3 years at Bubbablue and me, but wanted a separate outlet for my dancing thoughts.  I’m a social dancer who loves to talk and read about dance.  Hence What About Dance was born.  I wanted to share my thoughts and loves about dance, start conversations and a community around dance, in particular modern jive, and also to encourage others to take up dance. I’ll be focusing mainly on modern jive dancing but there’ll be mentions of general dance and other genres.  Because chances are if you like one style of dance, you also appreciate others.  And of course, we can all learn from other dancers and dance styles.

Emma T

You can find me over on twitter, instagram and facebook. I try and reply to every comment on the blog, so please do leave your thoughts.  Start by telling me what dance you do or what you’re interested in reading about in the comments below.  You can also sign up to receive my newsletter which I aim to send out monthly once I’ve got What about dance up and running smoothly.

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2 Replies to “About me”

  1. Hi Emma, just been reading your excellent advice on partner dancing! Well done bringing it all together and for it to be reasonably modular and each one short. Some of it overlaps with a web site I have built up from my experience (jivemoves.com). Feel free to have a look, it might give you some ideas. Hopefully you won’t mind if I link to your site as its full of a wealth of knowledge that I have not seen elsewhere.

    • Thanks Richard. I shall bookmark it and refer to it when I have relevant posts. I usually share articles on my Facebook page, Live Love Learn Modern Jive, so I’m sure I’ll be picking up some pages to share over there. Thanks for stopping by.

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