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What about dance

For modern jive dance support, observations and tips to enjoy and improve your dance journey. Plus thoughts and reviews of other areas of dance, with a focus on social dancing.

man in white sleeveless shirt dancing with blonde long haired woman in orange top and with arms above her head being turned by the man

“Nobody cares if you can’t dance well. Just get up and dance.”

Dave Barry

Hopefully you’ve arrived here because you’re either new to dance and want to find out more about modern jive.  Or you’ve been dancing a while and have got sucked in to the obsession with dance.  Either way, I hope you find What about dance an interesting and useful community.

Across the blog modern jive and Ceroc are used interchangeably, both meaning the same dance style.  I also refer to other dance genres on occasion, because there’s more out there to reference, many people dance more than one style and we can all learn from different styles of dance.

Put your dance shoes on and choose your level

Beginners Corner

If you’re starting out on your dance journey, check out the beginners corner.

You’ll find hints and tips to get you started dancing and more confident at the beginner stage.

Because we all had to start somewhere.

We all had to start somewhere


Been dancing a while? Keen to progress your dancing?

Then head to the improvers area, which includes more technical tips to step up your dancing.

Not forgetting encouragement in thinking about your dance partners and that dance connection to make every dance more enjoyable for both of you.

Let’s talk dance

Passionate about modern jive and other social dancing?

Then head over to dance discussion where it’s more about opinions, ideas and chat about dance

Or read the latest posts

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Hey! I’m Emma, and welcome to What about Dance. A place for me to share my love of dance, with a focus on modern jive which I’ve danced for over 10 years.

If you’re looking for tips on how to improve your dance skills, or want to find out more about the social dancing scene and how to feel more comfortable being part of it, then read away. You can contact me with questions or ideas you’d like featured on the blog.

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