best dance ads of the last fewe years - What about dance

The best dance ads of the last few years

While most people attempt to dance at some point in their lives, even if it’s just a shuffle round their handbags in a club, or a bit of a dad dance, there’s not enough dance on television in my opinion.  This has been increasing in recent years (especially if you’ve got more than Freeview on your tv – not me!) and dancers are being used more often in adverts.

best dance ads of the last fewe years - What about dance

With the proliferation of reality and tv shows, the increasing breadth of PE in schools to include activities like street dance (slightly different to the country dancing we did during our school days), more children are seeing some aspects of dance as cool to do.

With on demand and the ability to fast forward through adverts now, lots of people no longer see adverts. But while my OH channel flicks through ads, I’m happy to occasionally watch a few, especially if one catches my eye.  And there’s a few that include dance that I enjoy watching. Whether it’s for the dance quality or the humour.

My best dance ads

8. Pilgrims Choice

Massively cheesy (lol), but it reminds me of the times I used to practice my body rolls in my work toilets in front of the mirror, then pretending I wasn’t if someone walked in.

7. Axa insurance

The ability that technology and medical advances has brought for people who’ve lost limbs is amazing (seeing people like Jonny Peacock on Strictly Come Dancing, the Paralympics and Invictus Games is inspiring). This advert shows a dancer’s determination.

6. Seat Ibiza 

Bringing in lots of different dancers to this ad, car brands have the ad budgets to create some pretty spectacular artistic pieces.

5. Acer

Acer launched a sleek new laptop and advertised using beautiful dancers with scarves. It’s a really beautiful calming ad, and it would certainly have encouraged me to look up their laptops.

4. Money Supermarket

This series make me laugh.  Spoofing singers, dancers and films – Beyonce, pole dancing and Dirty Dancing.  My OH can’t stand them, but I just think they’re funny. Maybe he doesn’t get the dance references.


Reed’s Love Mondays advert is all about the joy of Mondays using the movies theme of song and dance ensemble pieces. If you’re a musicals movie fan, then this might be one of your favourites too.

2. No. 7 skincare

Alessandra Ferri was one of my ballet heroes as a young girl, so to see her dancing now, just as beautifully and still stunning, gives me goosebumps. Even if it is for a skincare advert.

1. John Lewis insurance

Dance is all about freedom and enjoyment, and this little girl has it in spades. I defy anyone not to remember twirling round their own childhood living room in their own little world.

Where have you spotted dance popping up recently? Do you think there’s enough dance on tv?

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