Talking to other dancers recently, it seems that many can find their interest and enthusiasm for dance wane, and have lost their dancing mojo.  I have to admit it’s not something I’ve experienced – I’ve been able to maintain my love for dance, although there are some days that going out just proves too hard. There are times where you can get out of the habits, and then find it hard to get back into dancing again.

I’ve definitely experienced getting back into the habit – having taken 5 years off after having my son.  It was unintentionally that long, but life does get in the way.  Especially if you used to go with friends, and no longer have them dragging you out with them.


There are various reasons why you might lose your way with dancing, with some being out of your control:

  • Illness or injury
  • Out of the habit or routine
  • Change of regular class or teacher
  • Not enjoying the music
  • Stress in the rest of your life
  • Boredom / not being challenged
  • Work or home priorities

If you want to dance but don’t go, or go to dance nights but feel like you haven’t got into it, maybe you’ve lost your mojo.  And I’m not talking about going to one freestyle and having a bad night, but if it’s a regular thing that you’re not enjoying your dancing.  If that’s you and you want to enjoy your dancing again, here’s some tips.

How to get your dancing mojo back:

1, Mix it up.

Change teacher or venue if you usually go to classes.  You’ll meet and dance with new people, learn new moves, experience a new style of teaching and dancers, and have a different outlook on a dance night.  Even within a ceroc franchise, every venue and teacher is different.

2, Take a break

Taking a total break from dance might help you miss it, and give you a chance to balance out the rest of your life.  It’s not hard to get back into dancing again after a break if that’s what you want to do.  Trust me, I’ve had 5 years out and in that time not a lot has changes.  It doesn’t take much time to get back to the dancing standard you were before either.

3, Dance more

Along with mixing it up, do more. Dancing It can help you get into dancing again – although it may have the downside of getting an addiction to dancing more frequently.  And dancing more regularly has other health benefits – de-stressing, improving cognitive ability, lifting emotions –the negative of these could have helped lose your mojo  in the first place.

4, Try a different style of dance

Broaden your dance horizons and you can learn more to bring to your modern jive. It might make you remember what you loved before about dance.

5, Take friends with you

Exercising with friends or doing a hobby always makes it harder to get out of going.

6, Listen to music and ask for requests

Stretch yourself and try dancing to music you wouldn’t usually.

7, Dance with other people

We all like dancing with our favourites, but dancing with new people can bring a nice surprise.  Dancing with beginners means you may end up with nice compliments about your dancing and their enthusiasm for modern jive may rub off on you.

At the other end of the scale, dancing with someone you thought was out of your league may give you confidence.  Or give you some insight on something you want to work on.

8, Do a workshop or take private lessons

It’s unusual to take privates lessons in modern jive, but something that’s more popular in other dance styles.  But just the process of engaging your brain into a different type of lesson that’s more focused and intense will help you get extra out of your dancing.

9, Switch roles

If you usually lead, practise being a follower and vice versa.  Again it’s the challenge that should help, but you’ll also learn more to improve your normal dance role.

Hopefully these tips will inspire you to get any lost mojo back, and encourage you to enjoy your dancing again.

Are you someone whose love for, and urge to dance comes and goes? Are you in that down phase now?  How do you get out of it?

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