quirky things modern jivers do - What about dance

The ‘quirky’ things modern jivers do

When you take up modern jive, you never know what you’re going to get from it. Hopefully you’ll learn to dance if you can’t already. Or improve your dancing. But you might not have realised you’ll be picking up some habits and quirks that you’d have thought a little strange before you started dancing.

quirky things modern jivers do - What about dance

Things modern jivers do:

1, You listen to music based on whether you can dance to it

2, You only know music that’s been played at modern jive freestyles

3, You bought dance shoes or clothes at a weekender or freestyle event and will happily wear it straight away knowing that you’ll not be the only one on the dance floor in that outfit

4, You watch Strictly Come Dancing for the dancing and not the entertainment

5, You’ve practised a body roll against a wall or…

6, …in the mirrors in the bathroom at work

7, You’d struggle to run for the bus, but add music, lights and a partner, and you’d happily dance for 5 hours

8, You love to show off your craft at weddings or parties, and are always looking for signs that someone else might be a jiver

9, Wearing glitter and sparkles is acceptable (and the norm) past age 20

10, Injuries don’t stop you dancing

11, Certain music brings a smile and dreamy look to your face when you remember ‘that’ dance you had  years ago

12, You joined Facebook after saying you wouldn’t, because you need to keep up to date with dance events

13, You plan holidays around dance weekenders or big freestyles

14, You check every floor your stand on to check for spinning suitability

15, You have a grin on your face when you hear one of your favourite modern jive tracks – especially when you realise it’s only just arrived on the radio playlists when the djs have been playing it for months at dance venues

16, You feel awkward when you have to solo dance at a party or event

17, Dating is dependent on whether they accept you’ll dance with anyone who asks

18, You’re happy drinking soft drinks or water on a night out, because you don’t usually drink and jive.

19, Your shoe collection increases dramatically due to dance shoe purchases

20, You can critique Strictly Come Dancing celebrities, because you know the flashy drops and pivots aren’t as hard as they make out

21, You spend ages discussing dance with people once you get on the topic, even with those who have no concept about what modern jive is

22, You change to waterproof make up to avoid the sweat running it off

23, You dance with random strangers who outside of dance you wouldn’t notice

24, It’s perfectly normal to bring a spare top with you on a night out

25, You try to convert anyone who mentions dance to modern jive

26, Wearing socks with sandals (to wear them in) is slightly more acceptable than it would have been before you danced

27, You always have mints or gum with you

28, You get dance crushes on people that wouldn’t normally be your type

29, Modern jive becomes part of your life

What would you add to the list?

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