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Think before you speak while social dancing

Some people think it’s a terrible habit to chat away on the dance floor.  But does it really matter? Generally it doesn’t bother me.  Modern jive (and west coast swing) is a social dance after all.  I think it’s good to get to know the people you’re dancing with week in week out.  However there…

dance straddling sport and art = What about dance

What makes dancing straddle sport and art?

With the Rio Olympics drawing to a close, yet again there have been the discussions about what sports should be included and which aren’t really sports.  Every Olympics means there are a handful of new sports introduced while others get dropped.  I’m still asking why squash still hasn’t been included but that’s an argument for…

Do modern jivers need good dance technique

Do modern jivers really need great dance technique?

I remember having a conversation years ago with a salsa friend who was surprised I’d not been invited to join the performance group she was in.  ‘Your dance technique is so much better than mine. I might be better on the performance side but my technique is sloppy compared to yours’. We both had a…