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how to be a more stylish dancer - What about dance.

How to improve your dance style without trying too hard

Many modern jive dancers just want to be able to get on the dance floor and aren’t bothered about progressing their dancing further. They’re happy to plod on, happy to just dance with their friends. Or they might think they can’t progress because they don’t aren’t capable.  For the rest we want to improve and…

look good on the dance floor - what about dance

How to look good on the dance floor (it’s not just about clothes)

When you’re watching someone on the dance floor what are your thoughts? Assuming they’re not falling over or making huge over the top movement that you can’t fail to see. Mostly you watch people dance because they’ve got a spark, something that makes you notice them. It could be what they’re wearing. It could be…

How to learn from dance compliments - What about dance
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How to learn from dance compliments

With social dancing like modern jive you’re there to enjoy the dance and maybe meet some new like minded friends. Plus hopefully experience a great connection and have a mind-blowing dance where you come off the dance floor feeling a bit wobbly like you do after a rollercoaster or fairground ride. Dance compliments aren’t expected….

Spinning and turning tips in dance - What about dance

Super spinning tips and how to turn better in dance

Lots of teachers (and other advanced dancers) get annoyed by non-teachers trying to teach people how to dance.  I’m not going to do this, because if you want to dance well and improve it’s about getting good basic dance lessons, and practice. But so many people struggle to spin and haven’t ever been taught. Here…

Are dips and drops needed to make a good dance - What about dance
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Do you need lifts, dips and drops for a good dance

When I first learnt to dance ceroc 8 years ago, the big aim always seemed to be learning dips and drops.  I think we all saw people doing them and thought, wow they’re great dancers, I’d love to learn those.  And men did throw them in quite frequently on the freestyle dance floor.  Of course,…