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Keep cool while dancing in hot weather

I’m always hot when I dance, so finding ways to cool off and not be a sweaty betty when dancing up close with a dance partner is always important.

Unfortunately we can’t all be like those people who leave the dance floor after 5 hours of dancing and look as immaculate as they did at the start of the night. I’m jealous of those people. Yes we all sweat and get hot, but when we’re dancing with a partner we need to be aware of how pleasant we are to dance with.

It’s not pleasant to dance with someone who doesn’t make the effort to towel off inbetween dances, or doesn’t change their shirt if needed once it’s soaked through. And this is women as well as men. There are things we can do if we’re of the sweatier scale of the human species. Here’s some of the things I’ve learnt and heard over the years

keep cool while dancing

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Tips to keep cool while dancing in the heat

Before dancing during hot weather, stick to eating cold rather than hot and heavy meals. Snacking on fruit and raw veg will also help.

Wear layers – having a vest top under a top layer will help avoid your top layer that your partner will touch, from getting as wet.

Choose natural fabrics to keep you cool initially. However they will retain moisture more than synthetic fabrics, so take a change of clothes.

Alternatively try moisture wicking or breathable clothes – some dance clothes, or sports tops will help. One of the good things about modern jive is that generally the dress code is totally down to each dancer. So you can wear what works for you.

Change your top as needed through the night.

Tie your hair up if it’s long, to keep it off your neck and allow any breeze to get to it.

Preferably use an antiperspirant. Or if using a natural deodorant only, regularly check for niffs and potentially use wipes during bathroom breaks to freshen up.

Drink plenty of water to help hydration. If it’s got ice cubes too, all the better.

Take breaks. And take a break from the room with dancing in as well as that will be cooler than the dance floor.

Dance nearer the edges rather than in the centre of the dancefloor. You’ll stand a better chance of getting a bit of air..It’s noticeable at big weekenders when you leave the main room and the heat bubble!

Use a fan. I bought a basic pack of 10 handheld fans because mine always go missing, but they’re great to use while sitting out a dance. Some freestyle venues have large fans going – as well as keeping cool, they’re great for having a chat to others cooling off too.

fan on ceiling

Look for outdoor dancing opportunities. There aren’t many around (Ceroc weekenders out on the deck at Southport!), but some venues can open doors so it feels a little bit more like the outside is coming in.

Choose venues which have air conditioning. Not many do in the UK, but one of the venues I went to my early ceroc classes had air con. It was bliss (although lots of people used to moan it was too cold to start with, by the end of the evening, we were all still nicely cool by the end)

If you’re aware of the options and make an effort, noone’s going to complain. So smell nice, change sweaty clothes through the evening as needed, and don’t worry too much about it. The majority of dancers will be in the same situation being hot when dancing.

How do you try to keep cool while out dancing? Do you have any moisture wicking clothing recommendations that are good for dancing in?

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