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Confused about dance floor etiquette? Top tips to get it right

Social dancing is a casual form of dance. You rock on up in casual clothes, people don’t always wear dance shoes, and there’s no pressure to perform. You’re there to enjoy.  The atmosphere of a freestyle is relaxed and there’s a feeling that anything goes. But there is an etiquette. You might not realise it….

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Making dancers feel welcome – essential or not?

With the number of modern jive options available in many areas now, venues are having to work harder to retain their dancers as well as to get beginners in.  If beginners don’t get hooked that first visit, the likelihood is they may find something else to do instead of dancing.  And the better dancers become,…

why social dancers should learn choreographed routines - What about dance
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Why social dancers should learn choreographed routines

Apart from as a child and teen, being in my dance school annual shows, I’ve never done choreographed dances.. Certainly not within a partner dance context. But this weekend I went to the local west coast swing flash mob workshop. I probably can’t make the actual flash mob in September, but I thought it would…