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How to find the modern jive dance class for you

As well as writing for enjoyment, and to share my passion for modern jive with others, there’s also the added satisfaction of helping people.  Readers don’t tend to ask many questions, but when they do (usually via my Facebook page), it’s generally about where to dance.  Where can I learn modern jive? How do I find adult dance classes?  Is there a class in Birmingham?  Or a variety of similar questions.

So, here’s the answers to some of these questions about finding modern jive classes.

where to find modern jive classes - whataboutdance.com

What adult dance classes are the best for a beginner?

There’s so many dance styles out there it’s a case of working out what style of dance you want to do and your circumstances.

Solo adult dance classes tend to be offered in street dance, ballet, flamenco, modern jazz, tap, belly dancing and sometimes contemporary.  These will likely be structured classes, although some dance schools might put on shows as well.  Look out for trial classes, and ask for recommendations from others who go. They’re all good for exercise, increasing confidence, but probably aren’t the most social if you want to meet people.

If you want to partner dance and stick with the same partner, then try ballroom and latin.  Classes rarely rotate and if you’re female and don’t want to dance alone or with another woman, you might be disappointed. People tend to go in couples.

If you want to do partner dancing and do social dancing as well as learn moves, then try salsa, kizomba, zouk or swing dances like rock and roll, swing, east coast or west coast swing or blues.

For partner and social dancing with the biggest variety of music, and the easiest route into dance, then you’re in the right place – modern jive is the dance to try.

What’s the difference between modern jive and Ceroc?

There isn’t much difference. The dance is modern jive. Ceroc is an international organisation comprising national and local branches. When most people say modern jive, they can be referring to the dance, or independent companies teaching modern jive.

Where you want to dance will probably point you towards one or the other.  Ceroc is in many counties and cities. Some areas have classes run by Ceroc and independent organisations.  For example my county has Ceroc and Jive+ (running classes and freestyles), and Jive Temptation (freestyles).

Classes usually run to a similar format with a beginners class, followed by an intermediate class alongside a beginners review class, then freestyle dancing afterwards.

Where can I find my local modern jive class?

Searching in google isn’t always the easiest when it comes to modern jive because it won’t necessarily bring up all the independent options.  Luckily there’s a useful central website to check.

UK-Jive is the best resource for modern jive venues across the UK for both classes and freestyle events.  You can search by region, or look at the diary, and it includes various ceroc venues as well as independents.  Not all classes are on here, but the majority will be.  Similarly Lynda’s List is a resource of dance classes and weekend events predominantly in London and southern England. This list also includes swing and rock and rock.

Ceroc venues can be found through the Ceroc website.  It’s not the prettiest (who advised on a black background I don’t know!), but there’s a lot of information. Searching by postcode and distance will find you the local franchise and their class details and event diary.  It now appears that the international Ceroc companies have their own websites, so searching Ceroc and the country will get your nearest.

Looking for Ceroc weekenders, then check out the Ceroc Escape website.   Weekenders are great if you want to consolidate what you’ve learnt, meet other dancers from across the UK, and some people even attend as total beginners.  Independent companies also run weekenders (e.g Jive Addiction and Rock Bottoms).

The last option is social media.  Most modern jive companies now have their own Facebook pages, many have groups as well. The latter can be good for getting to know other dancers through discussion and feedback, as well as information on upcoming classes and events.

So if you’re looking to start dance classes, let me know how you get on.  If you’re an existing dancer, do share your recommendations of the best classes you’ve been to.

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